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Rupee casinos is an online platform for playing casino games. It also proffers betting related to sports and also other types of games to players who are Indian. Rupee casinos is a online casino game that plays on a fair policy. It focuses on the safety of the player and activities that are anti-fraudulent.  Rupee casinos has continued its business since nearly three years.

jeetwin  offers a free bonus of Rs 1,000 to the persons who register for the first time. The person to claim this offer needs not to deposit any price. After Rupee casinos verify the details of the user, the bonus is ready to be credited to the account of the user. It allows the player one hundred percent bonus on first deposit.

If a player deposits INR 5,000, he or she is bound to get the same amount of bonus. The referral bonus is pretty attractive too. If a user invites a friend and he or she accepts that invitation and signs up following this link, both of them will get a bonus of INR 1,000.

It offers a deposit bonus of 20 percent to the user

The only condition is that the user has to make a deposit of at least INR 1,000. If a user deposits INR 1,000 he or she will get INR 200, which is 20% of INR 1,000. There is a withdrawing charge of 20x if an user wishes to withdraw. There are also cancellation charges applicable. A user can wish to cancel; any promotion before fulfilling the requirements of the wage. The charges that will be applicable are 10%.

There is no indication about the maximum amount of deposit. If one wishes to know, he or she can contact the customer support team on the website. There is also a bonus available on birthday. The only rule is that the user has to reach INR 70,000 at least as a minimum wage requirement.